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Thank you to our top contributors! We want to acknowledge and thank you for your commitment to providing youth with the Mental Health services they need to succeed.

Our mission:

To facilitate  Mental Health services, including Counseling, Behavior Support Services, Social Work, and Special Education services.

Our Impact:

• Provided equipment for students with disabilities, including blind students,
deaf/hard of hearing students, and emotionally disturbed students.
• Provided scholarships for staff from several school districts to obtain Legal Training on Special Education and Mental Health topics
• Contributed to Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill promoting
inclusiveness for all
• Sponsor for Hispanic Heritage Month in Morgan Hill
• Provide Counseling, Social Work and Behavior Services at no cost to families
• We serve primarily minority families and underserved youth
• Provide services at no cost to families.

Donate to Strong and Healthy Minds

Who We Are:

Strong and Healthy Minds Inc. was created to facilitate access to services and fulfill the imminent Mental Health needs of the community noticed by school-psychologist, Adriana San Millan while working with youth across California. Adriana and her team noticed that the mental health needs of the population were accelerating at a speed that inspired them to take action to provide more support to the community.  Adriana San Millan and Kel Whisner then determined to take initiative in order to meet these needs and bridge the gaps to help facilitate these services founding Strong and Healthy Minds.

According to a major study published by a local newspaper (Morgan Hill Times, 2017), Morgan Hill, CA is second highest in the county of Santa Clara for youth suicides.  This study really worried Adriana, and she knew that she could make a positive difference with her team of specialists in the region.

The countless benefits of the counseling, behavior support and social work services that these youth and their family members receive have shown not only in their academics but decreased problem behaviors and increased overall well-being was also measured. Adriana knew that facilitating access to these services through the entire year was essential to meet the Mental Health needs of these youth and their families.

Another need in the community, with continued budget reductions, was a greater need to support the community in providing necessary equipment for kids. Donating equipment to these students and schools was the solution to help these students succeed.

A major issue that affects youth in the local community is the threat and fear of deportation, whether it affects them directly or one of their family members. A study by the American Psychological Association (Zayas & Heffron, 2016) studied the extensive negative impacts that the threat of deportation of parent figures has on youth in the United States. The instability and stress of deportation of family members were shown to detrimentally impact the mental health of these youth. The solution to this was taken on by Strong and Healthy Minds by assisting youth and their family members access the resources they needed and support them through these difficult times.